Various Wedding Photography Techniques That Are Available


There are a lot of wedding photography styles out there and while experienced photographers understand them, they can be confusing to couples.  Keep in mind that various wedding photography styles will have different time demands on your day, therefore you will not be just picking a photography style. Herein is a discussion of various styles that will make you understand them better and make the right choice.

Selecting a wedding photography style for your big day depends on 3 main things.  The style of images you desire is important.  The other factors are the period of time you will spend with the My Photos Forever photographer and finally, the couples personality and comfort on camera. A wedding photography style is a compromise between keeping time and producing great pictures.  A Liverpool wedding photographer might produce excellent pictures but take long to do so.

Traditional photography is the first style. Many people think traditional wedding photography contains endless stuffy group-photos. Worse still, the various collections of people seem to never end.  But the main working framework often remains the same for most wedding photographers. Although the photos might be more stylish, the experience of the day remains the same for the couple.

There is a trade-off between the kind of work done by the photographer and the time take to do it. More formal or posed photographs takes longer to set-up and achieve. Photographers who produces artistic work often need a certain period of time for producing his or her best works. Photographers that deal in artistic work normally need some time to produce the best of their works. Photographers who produce artistic work always need some time to give the best works. Therefore find out the amount of time they will require to work out how to fit it into your day.

Reportage wedding photography is another style. Reportage wedding photography is the opposite of traditional wedding photography.  This is simply capturing memorable moments while they happen.  The photographer will spend most of her time in the background in this photography style.  For more info about photography, visit

Unlike the traditional photography, this requires a completely different skill set.  You have to ensure the My Photos Forever photographer has the right photographic background as well as pictures to speak for them. Therefore ensure the photographer not only has the right photographic background, but also have a portfolio.  Reportage photography consists of a complete set of pictures from the entire day instead of some highlighted moments.

Vintage wedding photography is also accessible. This is a style that has recently come into vogue.  But it is a style which is hard to quantify.  Vintage can mean various things, from using a vintage camera for capturing some moments, to using different approach in the post production. However, if you receive heavily edited photos, there could be the risk of your photos looking old.  Remember to ask questions, look at samples and make informed decisions.

There are a lot of photographers and photographic styles out there.  Go through portfolios long and hard, and look above the catchy buzzwords. Look at portfolios thoroughly and beyond catchy buzzwords.The competence of a photographer is all that matter in the end. In the end a photographer’s competence is what matters. What ultimately matters is a photographer’s competence.


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